Antinomians are not Christian

They believe that once saved you are free to sin

John 14:23-24

Real Christians and Antinomians (False Christians).

I have been saying that Christianity is rotten, when in fact Real Christians are good, though not perfect. Those Christians who are evildoers are not Real Christians. Though in truth, I have not met many Real Christians in my life.

In my Blog and also as my podcast.

Many Christians who are true Christians have been teaching about Antinomians since Christianity started. This is not something new!

Video Published on Feb 3, 2016
In the video I mention my Testimony. It has since been updated to 2017.

I have learned today an error that has invaded my teaching. My teaching was right, but I was throwing the Real Christians into the same Sin Bin as False Christians. I was refusing to call myself a Christian because of what the False Christians were doing.

So, I had the truth, but was misapplying it and I am sorry.

However, I have not made contact with many Real Christians. I suppose it’s because my Lord Jesus is sending me to help False Christians.


In his late book, Paths to Power, A.W. Tozer defined it this way. “Fundamental Christianity in our times is deeply influenced by that ancient enemy of righteousness, Antinomianism. The creed of the Antinomian is easily stated: We are saved by faith alone; works have no place in salvation; conduct is works, and is therefore of no importance. What we do cannot matter as long as we believe rightly. The divorce between creed and conduct is absolute and final. The question of sin is settled by the Cross; conduct is outside the circle of faith and cannot come between the believer and God. Such in brief, is the teaching of the Antinomian. And so fully has it permeated the Fundamental element in modern Christianity that it is accepted by the religious masses as the very truth of God. Antinomianism is the doctrine of grace carried by uncorrected logic to the point of absurdity. It takes the teaching of justification by faith and twists it into deformity.”

I know there are some (maybe you, dear reader) who might say, “That’s the gospel! That’s Grace! That’s what I believe and practice!” Oh, if we would only take the time to seek God, pray and read the Gospel, unfettered by the “Doctrines of Men”, we would surely find that Antinomianism is ANOTHER GOSPEL (i.e.- not Christianity).

Charles Finney in the 1800’s spoke of it “as the opposite extreme to legalism. Legalist are all work, Antinomians no work. Professing to have yielded up their whole agency to Christ, they throw all responsibility upon Him and do nothing. Under pretence of being led by the Spirit and of waiting for God to reveal His will to them, they give themselves up very much to spiritual indolence (idleness).”

Noah Webster, in his 1878 Dictionary, defined Antinomianism as: “one of a sect who were charged with maintaining that, under the gospel dispensation, the moral law is of no use or obligation.”

1-Webster’s 1878 Dictionary defined ‘indolence’ as “inaction, or want of exertion of body or mind, proceeding from love of ease or aversion to toil; habitually idle.”

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Charles Finney preached on this.

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Moral law is a rule of moral action with sanctions - God rewards and punishes us accordingly.

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