True faith in the living Lord Jesus Christ is not blind faith.

John 14:23 Jesus living with those who love Him.

John 14:23-24

Those described in John 14:23 have a faith that is centred on the Lord Jesus Christ. First he was revealed to them through bible study illuminated by the Holy Spirit of God. This new-found faith then results in them learning about and then responding positively to the Gospel of Jesus. Then in turn, the Father God responds to their resulting love for his Son that involves loving obedience to his teaching. He and the Lord Jesus come and make their home with that person through the Holy Spirit.

Those described in John 14:24 do not have this faith, therefore, do not have a love for Jesus, do not receive the Fathers love, do not have them living with them, do not have the Holy Spirit. In fact, they hate the Lord Jesus! Their love is only for themselves - a selfish love caused by their "blind faith".

True faith in the living Lord Jesus Christ is "NOT" blind faith.

There are professing Christians who confess that they can't prove that God exists, they just have faith that he does. Many professing Christians do not have a real-life testimony of living with God to share. The just have a religious belief based on Church Teachings using there interpretation of certain selected parts of the Holy Bible. This is a problem for those Church Leaders within "Churchianity" - Christless Christians.

True Christian faith has to consist of a confidence in a fact or person based on previous experiences or knowledge of reliableness and consistency; a phenomenon of the will in obeying spiritual enlightenment, given upon repentance of sins and trusting Christ. It does not consist in embracing what is not understood. "Saving" faith is the life of God in the soul of man/woman resulting from a subjective experience founded upon objective truth. Scripture "Bible" does not teach "blind" faith.

You will have to excuse this video as it was produced back when I lacked the knowledge and hardware to do better. However, I have left it in not only because of the content, but so that you can see me at that time. A true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ learning how to witness for Him via videos. I have come a long way since then.

Published on Aug 27, 2009

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