I have made over 85 Videos

John 14:23-24

Over the years I have produced many Video Teachings

68 years with my Lord Jesus.

Anxiety is not BAD.

Being a Minority

Beware of False Christians.

Born Again of the Spirit of God.

Christian Signs and Wonders

Christian, do you obey the Lord Jesus Christ?

Disciples as Soldiers

Disciples Have Spiritual Power

Facing Disaster

Faith is Not Blind

Feelings For Revenge

God is in Control

God Saves all who love Jesus

Godless Christians

Human Law

Is the Christian Church False?

Is your Name written in heaven

Jesus Encourages us to Trust Him 100%

Jesus is God the Son

Joint Shepherds with Jesus

Keep the Faith

Lies Hurt

Life After Death

Love Jesus 100%

Matthew 11:30 Yoked with Jesus

Overcoming Your Sin


Shunning The Lord's Messenger

State of the UK National Health Service

The affect of Abuse on Our Nation

The Holy Spirit is Essential for Salvation

The Lord Jesus not wanted by Christians

The Toughest Mission Field

Tribute to the late Rev. Ken Newton

True Christians as Ambassadors for God

True Christians Have the Mind of Christ

True Disciples Get Noticed

Unsociable Christians

What Easter Means to Mike Hill

Wheat or Weeds

Where is the Lord Jesus Now?

Who is True?

Why No Publicity About Jesus?

Your Easter Church Invite

Your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ causes people problems.

The Gospel
Mike Hill's Testimony - His Life With God

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